Web Resources

  • The 960 Grid System

    The 960 Grid System is an amazing set of design templates and a great CSS file for creating multi-column grid designs.

  • HTML5 Boilerplate

    HTML5 Boilerplate is a great staring package for any new HTML5 site. Its jam packed with goodies such CSS normalizations, build script, and much more.

  • Smashing Magazine

    Great resource for ideas and best practices for Web Designers and Developers.

  • A List Apart

    A wealth of information on Graphic Design, UI, Web Standards, Web Content . . .

iTunes Podcasts

  • iPhone live

    By Mobile Nations. This podcast talks about all the things new in the iPhone world. It discusses everything from features and bugs to User Interface Design and User Experience.

  • iPad live

    By Mobile Nations. This podcast talks about all the things new in the iPad world. It is basically the iPhone live show for the iPad. You would think it is silly to have both, but they make it work. They keep you interested and entertained. I really enjoy it.

  • Iterate

    By Mobile Nations. This podcast dicusses everything mobile. Its great because it covers everything from news to UI and UX on a multi-platform scale.

  • Boagworld Classic

    By Paul Boag. An everything and anything web podcast. This podcast was amazing to me years ago. And you know what? it still is. It covers design, development, SEO, . . . I could go on forever. They have changed their adaptation of a podcast now, but please don't think of these old episodes as worthless. In quite the contrary they are priceless. I have listened to every episode several time. I discovered them about 3 years ago and Paul has since become "famous" for his research and analytical skills for the web world.

  • Big Web Show

    By 5by5. This podcast is my favorite by 5by5. There are many others so please check 5by5. It has amazing interview and discussions about web design, web development, accessibility, web news, and much much more. Along with that you are very much entertained by Dan and Jeffrey. Yes, that is Jeffrey Zeldman the writer of the infamous designing with web standards. The be all end all book any web developer should read.

iTunes U

  • Stanford iPad and iPhone App development Fall 2011

    by Paul Hegarty. This is the latest in Mr. Hegarty's series of iOS development podcasts. I can not emphasis enough how absolutely amazing these are. He is a great teacher but also has great presentation. If your just beginning iOS development or have years of experience these are worth the time. I have thouroughly enjoyed each and every one. He has a knack for teaching. It starts at the very basics and by the end covers Multi-Threading and the iCloud. What more could you want?

  • Advanced iPhone Development - Fall 2010

    by Dr. Brad Larson. This is a great podcast with amazing material. Dr. Larson has a vast knowledge that you can really gain from. He is obviously not a teacher by trade, and it shows. his presentation is lacking and hard to follow, but the material he discusses is priceless. I just listen to them in the car and get a little extra, oh yea ok i get it now and again.

  • Programming Methodology

    by Mehran Sahami. Wow what can I say. I have been a developer for several years, but when I ran across this I had to see what it was about. I knew a majority of what he discusses, but his amazing enthusiasm for programming along with his amazing teaching skills makes this a joy to watch or listen to. I may not have "learned" a whole lot but I did see an entirely new way of tackaling the process of teaching beginners what proper programing is all about. Mr. Sahami is an fantastic teacher and presenter.