About Me

My mother is an old fashion by hand artist. My father is a programmer and electrical engineer; I find beauty in both. I myself ended up in whats called "Time Arts" at Northern Illinois University. It was more of the art side then the engineering side - but I saw potential. During my studies is where I began developing a strong interest in user interactions and interactivity. As my curiosities grew so did my knowledge. I have always been one to question and then sought out an answer. Although this leads to many sleepless nights I don't mind because it helps me grow with every investigation I take on.

I graduated from NIU with a bachelors in Time Arts in 2004, after which I soon realized I was not finished with my education. I began to spend every waking hour learning the ins and outs of web development, becoming a huge fan of PHP, MySQL, and Apache. However, I was not satisfied because I knew how to program but did not understand how it worked. So I decided to go back to NIU to take student at large classes in C++, linux, and web design.

After a couple semesters of that I was confident I knew all I needed to and was ready to get to work. I found a small development firm where I worked with HTML, CSS, and PHP as well as doing some Graphic Design and Animation. Working here I learned how to participate in collaborative work environments and this vastly improved my web development abilities.

I later landed a job at a much bigger company. I was now going to have to choose; Was I a Designer, Animator, or Developer? I decided to take on a role that primarily consisted of developing. As I learned the ways of the company I began to see areas that lacked necessary tools to improve productivity. Over time I was able to help others grow their development skills, as well as work with other teams to help them develop the tools we required. Through hands on experience I learned more about business, managers, processes, and of course UI development.

after several years of college and a few jobs later, I began to feel the urge to go back to school. I am now enrolled in the NIU Graduate School, earning a Masters of Computer Science.

Yay Technology

I am extraordinarily enthusiastic about technology; where we are today, and more importantly, where we are headed. I have a fascination with all of the new tools and gadgets that are available today and in development. I believe that the breakaway from the "keyboard and mouse" into using touch, gesture and voice recognition is the way users were intended to interact with their electronics. My passion of the evolving user interface and how we interact with it is what drives me forward in to furthering my knowledge, eduction and experience.

Working in the development field for the last several years has lead me to take on several roles:

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Interactive Multimedia Developer
  • Application Developer
  • Student
  • Teacher

The process that takes place during the development of an interactive interface is something that I find so remarkable. Everything from preliminary sketches to photoshop layouts, and then on to actual implementation; perfecting the UI and UX is a continuous process.